Sep School Board Meeting

The District 22 monthly meeting will be held Thur, Aug 20 at 7pm.  The following is the published agenda,

Ellicott School District 22

Regular Board Agenda Report  September 20, 2012  7:00 pm

Education Support Center

Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

1. Approve Agenda or modifications to agenda

2. Book Study

3. Public Input

4. Consent Items

A. Minutes

5. Financials

A. Payments of Bills

B. Monthly Financials

6. Action Items

A. Resolution to Declare a Vacancy of Board Member

B. Approve Teaching Contracts

C. Appoint CASB Delegate

D. Appoint Legislative Representative

7.  Principal’s and Other Reports

A. Mr. Torrez, Elementary Report

B. Mr. Smith, Middle School Report

C. Mrs. VanEsslstine, High School Report

D. Diana Garduno TCAP Results

8.  Superintendent’s Report

A. School Water Well update

B. Student Achievement

C. October 1 Count

D. Option Students

E. Impact Aid

F. Friday School Intervention

G. School In a School

H. Honorary Commander

9. Discussion Items

A. Staff Leave Policy

B. Bus Cameras (Needs Lists)

C. School Committees

D. CASB Regional Meeting October 29

10. Future Board Requests

11. Next Regular Board Meeting

12. Adjournment

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