Obama’s Plot tp Destroy Welfare Reform


Obama’s Plot to Destroy Welfare Reform


Dear   Fellow Patriot,

On July   12 of this year, Barack Obama single-handedly gutted the most important   bipartisan legislation in our lifetimes – Welfare Reform

In 1996,   President Bill Clinton signed into law the Personal Responsibility and Work   Opportunity Reconciliation Act, a bill that passed Congress with overwhelming   support from Republicans and Democrats in both chambers.

The law   mandated that welfare recipients meet specific work requirements or lose   their benefits altogether.

Since   its passage, the law has resulted in plummeting rates of childhood poverty,   especially among children of black parents, a drastic reduction in the number   of people on welfare rolls, and a drop-off in the unemployment rate.

Now,   Obama is bringing all of that to an end.

On July   12, Obama directed his Department of Health and Human Services to issue a   memo declaring that his administration would waive federal work requirements   and grant states greater “flexibility” in their handling of welfare services.

By   “flexibility,” Obama means that he will allow states to classify things   like massage, bed rest, journaling, motivational reading (whatever that   means), personal care, smoking cessation, and numerous other personal   activities as “work activity.”

In other   words, Obama is attempting to unilaterally redefine the work for welfare   requirements instituted by the people’s representatives in Congress, even   though 83% of Americans oppose his efforts to do so.

As Robert   Rector, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, noted:

“But   the Obama administration has jettisoned the law’s work requirements,   asserting that, in the future, no state will be required to follow   them.”

In a   ridiculous attempt to justify his disastrous policy, Obama has declared that   states will only be granted waivers if they develop measures to move 20% of   people off of welfare and into the workforce.

The   problem with this justification is that all that states need to do in order   to increase the number of people moving off welfare and into the workforce is   simply increase the number of people on welfare in the first place.

Pundit   Mickey Kaus, himself a liberal, in commenting on the 20% rule, noted:

“Turns   out it’s not as big a scam as I’d thought it was. It’s a much bigger scam.   For one thing, anything states do to increase the number of people on welfare   will automatically increase the “exit” rate–what the 20% rule measures–since   the more people going on welfare, the more people leave welfare for jobs in   the natural course of things, without the state’s welfare bureaucrats doing   anything at all.  Raise caseloads by 20% and Sebelius’ standard will   probably be met. (Maybe raise caseloads 30% just to be sure.) So what looks   like a tough get-to-work incentive is actually a paleoliberal   “first-get-on-welfare” incentive. But the point of welfare reform isn’t to   get more people onto welfare.”

What   is even more absurd is the fact that Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human   Services, Kathleen Sebelius, has declared that states do not even have to   meet the 20% requirement.  Rather, they must simply “demonstrate   clear progress” towards meeting it.

Obama’s   actions are not just bad policy:  They’re illegal!

Following   a request for an opinion by Senator Orrin Hatch on the legality of this most recent   attempt by Obama to rule by executive fiat, the General Counsel Office of the   Government Accountability Office declared that Obama could not move forward   with his new policy without submitting the proposal to Congress for review   and approval.

In other   words, only Congress can change the work requirements, not Obama.

Obama’s   actions demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has absolutely no   interest in comprehensive entitlement reform, bipartisanship, or the balance   of power between the three branches of our federal government, despite   rhetoric alluding to the contrary.

We   must not allow Obama to unilaterally turn back the clock on bipartisan   welfare reform, an action that will put America on a path to poverty and   government dependency.

If we   are to protect bipartisan welfare reform, we must work to elect the   Romney-Ryan ticket come November, a ticket that has pledged to put an end to   Obama’s disastrous, illegal attempts to destroy congressionally mandated work   for welfare requirements.

Together,   we will defeat Obama and protect one of the most important legislative reforms   in our nation’s history.


Ken   Hoagland
Restore America’s Voice PAC

P.S. In   his 2008 bid for the presidency, Obama touted his support for laws that move   people off of welfare and into the workforce.

Yet on   the floor of the Illinois Senate in 1997, Obama had this to say about the   bipartisan welfare reform of 1996:

“…I   probably would not have supported the federal legislation, because I think it   had some problems.”

Obama   will continue to deceive the American people into believing that he supports   a strong work for welfare requirement, a notion that has been proven to be   totally untrue by Obama’s own record and words.  Don’t let Obama and the   mainstream media deceive us.


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Republicans Precinct Leader

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