to the AIr Force person

Response to another ghost poster (TOTSB) seem to be the pattern

To whoever wrote this “We are retired Air Force”:

It is strange that a person that spent at least 20 years in the Air Force would “slam” individuals that are voicing their constitutional right.  Didn’t you or whoever fight for that right.  What is annoying about individuals standing up for what they believe?  If being honest, annoying, I’m sorry.  You must have had a hard time in the military, if honesty troubles you.  My non-support started long before they were voted in.    Attacking individuals just for disagreeing.  I cannot believe you have read any of Mrs Clemons or Mr Hudson’s writing and you don’t understand why I would not want these types in charge of my district’s school.  Also you must have joined early to be retired and not be our age.   So don’t pick on age it is against the law.

I give money to the District, I don’t take money, nor does any that you mentioned.  But if you feel Ellicott is a joke it is good you are moving on.  Hope you find a great place to live.   Again just look at how you describe others, you don’t know me, you probably would not know who any of the folks you have called names are.


Are you having a garage sale?  Let me know the address.

Final note:  As another retired Air Force person, I’m saddened that you would feel this way.  Where is our freedom, didn’t you swear to up hold the Constitutional, which gave me the right to confront injustice/wrong.  It really sadden me, not for your opinion but for your bullying.   Have you met Col Webb?  I would guess not, you will be surprised.  And IF you speak to him tell him hello for me.   I also think you will be surprised at who gave him the poor feelings; but he will not say.  Why don’t you email me and I’ll meet with you, we can discuss leadership and integrity.


Integrity in Leadership


  1. #1 by seriously? on September 5, 2012 - 9:51 pm

    One of the points this person made was that SAFB was unhappy with D-22 and that the poster was going to discourage parents from enrolling in D-22. Instead of questioning this person’s service or dedication to upholding the constiitution, why not challenge what they said about D-22? That is relevant. Based on your reply, you seem to know Col.Webb; why not ask him to provide you with the percentages of SAFB kids that attend D-22 versus other districts? These numbers would make your point that SAFB is happy with D-22.

  2. #2 by Fayne on September 6, 2012 - 8:36 pm

    Response to Seriously 2012-9-5

    I have discussed the District will Col Webb and there is no problem, he wishes it was better as we all do. He also spoke at the Board meeting a few months ago and answered some questions concerning the Recall and the students, again no issue. As an Air Force Officer he will/cannot take a side or speak for either. The Base is happy with the school, close, small and friendly. I believe he stated that 80% of the bases kids go to Ellicott, the 20%includes special needs, home school and those that go to other school for special things, ROTC. The reason I did not respond to the writer I know the process and unless the person sends a personal letter or stands out side the gate, hard to do. There were a lot of holes. See if they really cared they would attend the board meeting and get involved. Also the kids are enjoying school and the process is getting better.

    Integrity om Leadership

  3. #3 by seriously? on September 6, 2012 - 9:10 pm

    The percentages of students going to D-22 and the SAFB’s support of D-22 are the important things to me and probably most of the community. Thanks for addressing that.

  4. #4 by Mary on September 10, 2012 - 12:02 pm

    Fayne has nothing to do with the Air Force base or Col Webb. Col Webb will talk to any one of us. He is not his spokesperson and as a matter of policy Col Webb is not going to take a side or make a remark that someone like Fayne could possibly twist and corrupt on his blog.

    There are many on SAFB who are going to other schools and it’s not just for other programs, although it would be nice if we had more programs to offer kids. Fayne has no way of knowing what the “base” is happy with or not happy with, he is not the base spokesperson or even regular Air Force, he’s retired Reserves.

    Fayne, quit telling people who are very likely already involved to get involved. And to anyone who isn’t involved, why would they want to tell you who they are or are not, as you will just run them off anyway.

    I can’t wait for you to find out who Seriously is, as then we’ll watch you change your pre-determined tune.

  5. #5 by Fayne on September 10, 2012 - 4:54 pm

    Response to Mary 09-10 1202pm

    Mary you need to take a BIG pill or a horse ride.
    You are so wrong, never said any of the things you accuse me of. Maybe you are reading another blog. No one said I was anyone’s spoke person, if you had attended a past board meeting you would have heard the “school board” ask Col Webb; the attendance questions and other questions concerning SAFB. He spoke for 10-15 minutes. So maybe you should point that crooked finger at yourself. Attend the next board meeting and ask Col Webb yourself, will be waiting. I have asked SAFB residents and some that have recently moved off the base when I was getting the recall signed and not a single person made a negative comment. Each loves the teachers and the “smallness” of D22. I am an active duty retiree, ask Mrs Clemons or come by and see my retirement orders. Have something against the Reserves?
    Involved, 5 booster club members, less than 30 in the PTA, most committees with unfilled positions, seats at sport event, and until the recall and SOS unfilled seats at board meeting. There has been times when I was the only person. So there was room for you, Mary.
    Whoever Seriously is, will not change my position in the least. If it is who I believe she not in the least. But make sure you read my next post.
    Mary just a note: I or anyone can see who is involved there are list with names, concerning all areas. I’ll look to see if there is a Mary.
    Mary, have you established the garage sell date yet? Looking for trash cans!

    Integrity in Leadership

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