“Flying Monkeys”, really!!!!!

In response to whatever on TOTSB today

Today I read comments from an unknown author that seems to be in the dark.  Why call us names?  I understand why the person who first call us that, I expect it from her. “Flying Monkeys”?   Soooooooo what was illegal?  What was immoral?  What was unethical?  I believe these are just words some like yourself just uses.  Put some proof on your comments.  Everything was illegal except 7 names which was discounted on Hudson recall petition.  Nothing was immoral except the fact that we had to do the recall in the first place.  And nothing unethical, just executing our rights, just like some did before us.  Also no one forced Mrs Clemons to resign, she had her own reasons for not facing the recall election.  She said it was dollars.

Whoever you are, I’ll address you as PS,OK.  I can save you from being devastated, the three folks you referenced, will not control the School District the citizens will.   Despair, do you not read what some of the school board members have written about the citizens of Ellicott.  Do you want individuals that can’t take criticism without destroying that person.  (I guess I need to reprint a couple of letters to the editors written by some of the school board members, just a note to myself. )

I looked up “Bullshit”, “an offensive term meaning to try to intimidate, deceive or persuade somebody with deceitful or foolish talk”.   Sooooooo PS fill in the blanks……….Why do you need to read what is happening, Get Off  Your ……and attend the meetings, join a committee, become a part of the solution.    Fayne does not speak for anyone but himself and Integrity in Leadership.  I voice MY opinion.

PS, do you need a map?  Or if you are staying pay your money and run.  A free country and there is no limit on the names on the ballot.  Seriously can also run, just a few dollars and a few signatures of folks that support them.

PS, have you noticed that only the Hudson/Clemons group uses the word “control”.  If you are going to point fingers at the Potluck Blog use quotes from it.  You have no case, just wormy words.   Don’t be angry; become involved.  PS, you must not have been really disappointed, you were not out there defending Mrs Clemons, unless I missed you.  Again not a single person told me they supported either of the recall-ees.

PS, Where do you get your info about the election office’s decision?  Mrs Clemons had all the opportunity to bring up issues to have the recall thrown out, she failed to show “cause”.  Mr Williams had no other decision.  He asked Mrs Clemons more than once “is that all, before I close?”  She said yes.  She only had two or three challenges; names and where they lived.  Also how do you define “flying monkeys”?


Integrity in Leadership

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