Welcome to the Cafe

Welcome to the Ellicott’s Potluck Cafe There are five sets of blogs on this site.  The blogs are Ellicott’s and Its’ Citizens (Past & Present), Ellicott’s Happenings, Fayne’s Potluck Stew, The Cafe and Warrior Corner The Ellicott’s and Its’ Citizens blog is for discussions directed toward our town and its’ Citizens.  Post anything that tells the readers about our towns history.  It is also there to discuss individuals that has been a part of the forming of Ellicott.  I also would like to create a Ellicott Photo Album so if you have any email, fax or contact me by smoke signals. The Ellicott’s Happening Blog is for posting events that you would like others to know about.  Church, school, cookie sales or anything else.  Let us know. Fayne’s Potluck Cafe is for me to blog on anything.  Example School Board, New Shopping Center and whatever strikes my fancy. The cafe is for posting whatever, got an issue post it, maybe a recipe, a joke (keep t clean), some one had a birthday or anniversary, anything you wish to share. The Warrior Corner is to post information about all our heroes and information that we think veterans could gain information from.  Got a hero, tell us about him or her, post a picture and if you have a child or grandchild that is in the military again tell us about them also. At the top of the page are the five categories, please click on the blogs that you would like to read. Feel free to read them all. Thanks and please comment on the posts you like.

Thanks for visiting, let’s make this work

Fayne McDowell

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