Protest schedule for 8/15/12 @0900

Well as expected Mrs Clemons has protested the Recall.  The Protest hearing is scheduled for Aug 15 at 0900 in the El Paso
County Clerk and Recorder’s Office located at 1675 West Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 2200, on the 2nd floor. Any other protests received by the 5:00 p.m. deadline on August 9, 2012, will be heard at that time (Mr Hudson).

Mrs Clemons is protesting the following:

–signatures were acquired by the recall committee and their agents with substantially misleading information and outright lies.

–questionable signatures were accepted.

–election laws were broken.

–the recall committee and their agents were harassing and over-zealous in their efforts to the point that I have been personally affected.

The Recall committee and the 3C committee are preparing rebuttals to all the above.  If you have been effect “personally” by her letters to the editor or her submissions to any blog please respond to this posting or email  Any one may and can attend the hearing.  We feel sure that Mr Hudson will also protest.  The committees are preparing questions for both being they and anyone addressing the County will be under oath.

Guess we can ask if either are or know who the Earwax is, seriously any thing that places doubt on any of the above will be considered.  I know that many have been personally affected by actions before the election and after.

We will have local business persons and citizens attending.  Also remember Mrs Clemons will resign if her protest fails as she has stated.  We hope Mr Hudson will do the same.  This is the final step before the election ballot.


Integrity in Leadership

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