Not Allowed to Respond

This is in response to Mrs.Clemons since she will not allow me to respond to her opinion of my postings.  To Mrs Clemons:  post you responses to the Potluck, I have not banned you.  Look back at your post, did I say you were wrong and other negative comments, no.  I just posted my opinion of what was said.  Why are you always the one that is right?  I can’t figure that one out.  I will not close the Potluck Cafe because it does more that respond to you.  As a freelance writer, I free-lance. I’m sorry that you have made this personal,  I haven’t its’ all about what you have done to the community.  But you are right, you and Mr Hudson has sent way too much stuff under the bridge to do as Dr Cullen has ask.  Our goal is to do it any way.

This is what I tried to post on the TOTSB,

“Just your opinion, right.   You have one so let others have one without your anger.  I didn’t attack you I just wrote my opinions of what was said.  Did you not get off the wagon,so soon?  Didn’t take long, did it”

Fayne ( in response)

Integrity in Leadership


PS       Has anyone notice that Mrs Clemons only addresses the ant issues; but never the issues that will improve the education of our Kids.  She only points out my typing errors.   Why is that?

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