To the individual that posted on TOTSB “he sucks at math too!”

It does not surprise me that someone who reads the Earwax(EH) doesn’t read it all.  What is more important numbers or the Kids.  Where did the 14 come from, you may need to visit the election board?  Again like some on the board, you just stomping ants, watch out they sting. There are much bigger things out there.   I don’t have feathers except those for the Earwax (EH) nor do I crow; but we are still collecting them for the T and F of the Earwax (EH).  Also we have our candidates for the board and my name isn’t one of them. There are still time to get your name on the list, but you will have to post your real name.  Happy but not crowing.


Integrity in Leadership

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