Voting Data

I’m a data collector, I enjoy knowing why.  So here are some facts I think is interesting.  During the time I was collecting signatures for the recall I also asked folks a few questions as the Precinct Co- Leader for the Republican party.  There were a number of homes that no one answered the door.  (note: figures are round numbers-estimates)

1.  most of the folks I spoke to signed the petition

2.  more than 15% could not sign because they were not registered

3.  more than 10% said they didn’t know enough about the district to make a decision

4.  less than 5%  felt betrayed/lied to by the last recall effort and would not sign

5.  A small few stated that they didn’t want their name on anything

6.  A few stated that they worked at the District did not want the Board to see their names.

7.  A surprising number stated they did not vote, period

8.  A good number stated they had signed the petition

9.  More mothers signed than Dads (could be the time of day I was there)

10.  There were 14 homes that Home Schooled their Kids (more military)


Not a single person voiced their support for either Mr Hudson or Mrs Clemons.  But there were some that commented they might have voted for them.  I did not ask if they did.

Now lets’ look at the reasons the petition had signatures rejected the first submission.   I have not seen the last package submitted.

48 not registered or canceled their registration

15 registered after signing, but now are registered

55 address or name does not match registration records

This info is what should concern us over 100 individuals can’t vote for some reason.  As one that is concerned with the Leaders of our nation, this is 100+ voters that will not be able vote unless they change their registration info or register.  The Republican party of El Paso County must and will push a REGISTRATION effort.



Integrity in Leadership

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