One should not call other folks names

In response to TOTSB  jul 26

Here we go again: I checked again and I did not use the words snob or elitist.  As I recall Mrs Clemons you has been the only one that has made any statement concerning one’s education or degrees; having or not having one.  I haven’t……it does not matter to me, I’m interested in the individual and what they do or not do.  Who has stated anything or shown an attitude toward our poor or Spanish-speaking kids?  Who; give me a name and their statement!  I’ll address it!  I do read most if not all of the post, letters and emails and have yet to see anyone with an attitude toward these two groups.  Concerns, yes; attitudes, no.  I did not trash you, just pointed out that you again 1) pointed out my writing shortfalls,2) pointed out others not having a degree , which you have a number of times.  You continue to drop little bully bombs like “an attitude toward our poor and Spanish-speaking kids”.

1. As for Mr. Bollinger:  Didn’t the negotiations concerning salary and bennies happen after the vote to offer?  So how could you vote for Mr Bollinger if he too would have asked for more?

2. Legal fees your opinion.

3.The 2012 recall may cost very little depending on the time selected; which has not been determined.  And wasn’t there letters to the Ranchland, calls to the County, or are you saying you did not support the 2011 recall?  I can’t say every person but it was in my standard conversation, with the statement we are trying to link it to the national election, some just sign it as soon as I said” to recall…………..”  So your “doubt” was in error.  Again you seem to be calling me a liar (see last 2 lines), so what have I lied about.  I really would like to know.  You have my permission to copy any of my statements.  How do you know I lied “to people to get them to sign the petitions.”  Besides it is the county’s  petition.  Plus most had read your letters in the Ranchland.

Again I’m sorry that you are so angry, I as a small man refrain from calling individuals hurtful names, as a small man I’m better than that.  I was taught that I should not poke fun at an individual’s physical appearance, or their education or their financial status or their family history; just look at what they do and how they do it.  So this sentence would never come from me, sorry.  “You are in my opinion a coward and a liar. Period.”  To give the author full and total credit this sentence came from TOTSB and was written by Mrs Clemons, the current School Board Vice President.


Integrity in Leadership

PS  the list is of the names, crimes and leading statement (bully words)

  1. #1 by MaryAnna on July 30, 2012 - 2:07 pm

    For some reason I can no longer get into my blog. I’m going to assume that someone has compromised it for me, since my email doesn’t work, my secret questions don’t work and my password doesn’t work.

    1. You helped get signatures for a petition that claims that I and Ernie have done something illegal, but when asked, you refuse to come up with an answer. Neither of us has done anything illegal. That make it a lie.

    2. You have claimed that I have been fiscally irresponsible, again on the petition, however *I* am one vote, so *I* have NOT been irresponsible. I voted strictly to allow the last super to resign and to pay him what was owed. I have NOT voted for anything that expends money on anything other than on “needed” things, such as new teachers, principal and VP at the elementary. I have NOT voted to even approve the iPad purchases. So *I* have NOT been fiscally irresponsible. What IS fiscally irresponsible is this recall at a cost of at LEAST $25,000. In fact, I was among a board vote that SAVED the school $93,000 that can and will be used elsewhere, so your claim that I am fiscally irresponsible is a lie.

    3. You have promoted that I have been unethical and immoral but again you refuse to state how, when or why. That makes it a LIE when one cannot back up their claims.

    I could go on and on but this is the jist of what I am saying. You sir, are a purveyor of mis-truths and I find that cowardly. I am quite sure you will trash this message as well, since that is the only thing you seem to get good at doing, trashing others.

    As to your “concerns” over a few things Dr. Cullen said, you really, truly need to take a good hard look in the mirror. You are doing nothing but making trouble, costing the school time and money and frankly making yourself look foolish.

  2. #2 by Fayne on July 31, 2012 - 4:01 pm

    Mrs Clemons your comments are alway welcomed. As long as you don’t break MY rules I post all comments. I don’t outlaw or ban. I may edit but I say I have. Kids First

    Integrity iin Leadership

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