Where is the Effort?

This is in response to Seriously and in some ways the TOTSB

First I’m 100% against government involvement.  I believe that the government messes up much more than it fixes.  I am a constitutionalist.  The schools are not to be the social hospital of this nation, they are organizations for the purpose of teaching what the community feels is important; reading, writing, math, science and some history.  I also believe that two parents that choose to have children are responsible for them, until they become adults in all things.   That is why there is an age of “majority”, age 18 year. So I totally disagree with your perception about the parents responsibility.   The law requires parents to do many things as to the care of their children; so why do we fail to hold them responsible for the child’s education?  I’m not saying it is totally their responsibility, but they are the most important influence in the child’s life and therefore should have the most responsibility.  They are responsible at home and also to ensure the schools are doing their part.  So lets’ say fifty-fifty.  Seriously, who has blamed the parents for the low scores?   Most have said that the entire process is at fault.  Nation, State, Country, School Board, District Admin, School Admin, Teachers, Parent, Student and luck.

Seriously; I guess we are not reviewing the same data, but I see a lot of improvement in the scores in the District.  It is the third grade/elementary that is struggling.  I’m confused as to why we are still beating the low scores “horse”.  In some areas the Ellicott scores are not where “anyone” wants them, we all agree, so let’s move on and work to improve them!  The past matters very little, it is the future that we must address.  As I have stated and written many-many-many times, everyone in the process bears some fault.  So if there are 10 elements, lets agree that everyone, even me, has 10% in the process.  It is kinda like the recall signs being “stolen”, so let it be.

D-22 is not unique in the areas you list but not “all” schools face the same issues as Ellicott.  One just has to review the demographics.  Very few military families move in less than 12 months, there is usually a 3-4 year rotation to move.  Yes, Ellicott had to write a letter about the scores; but others have and others will write the same letter; but let’s fix the problem.  The microscope was on this year’s third grade. One attempt to improve the third grade problems was to hire an extra teacher; and yes it went down again.  Teachers, Admin and parents worked hard to develop the correction plan. The plan was passed and not another word has been said.

But as Mrs Clemons writes, it isn’t the school board’s responsibility to  investigate the cause or work on the fix.  It is someone else’s.  Yes, school board and Administration should accept some responsibility and as well as others involved in the process.  But Seriously, I would be hesitant to use board meeting minutes as proof of anything.  I have attended a large % of the meetings and CASP has been discussed many, many times.  The retreat and conferences happen after each election.  Accreditation was also a topic many times, even some special meetings.  So I believe your data is flawed.  There are a lot more than 44 meetings in 4 years, that number may confuse some people.  There are a number of committees within the District that also discuss many of these topics.  It seems to me that you are pointing a negative finger at the minutes, they are meant to be very general.   You can review entire tapes of all the meetings if someone wanted to.  I believe the past board did take steps were they enough? NO.  The problem with the new board was that they all stood up in front of the citizens and spouted rhetoric about what needed to be done and has anything been done thus far? NO.  Even when the planning committee developed the correction plan, Mr Hudson picked it up and said, “not bad”. ” Let’s get it mailed to meet the deadline”, and since then the third grade took another hit on their scores.  I need to make this comment; Board meetings are not for the public, they are meeting in public so that citizens can witness the actions of the Board.  So many of the topics you address should be discussed at committee meetings, working sessions and citizen meetings.  Seriously, I have not given anyone a pass, but those that have lied and hurt folks based on their own agendas and still haven’t done anything positive  need to be removed.  My example of the boards failure to address the issue is that they hired two new teachers in the HS, but the elementary (3rd grade) did not change to address the problem.  Some members in this board wanted/wants to hire additional elective teachers in the HS.  Come on, where should the true effort be.

The “newcomer” vs. “old timer” started when EH and MC started making the “good-ol-boy” a dirty word.  I also see your reference to native Americans as a little offensive.  There are folks that settled this area and families who are still here that feel that this is their town.  Read back and see the hateful messages written regarding those people who have businesses here.  Those that have done good things for this District.  It is not ridiculous if someone has been demeaned unjustly.   I don’t believe that you will find a person that does not feel that the District needs assistance.   The issue is who is the best to leader to get us to that place, we all want to be.  I, the 3Cs, and in Nov many voters will say, not the three board members that we feel need replacing.  I disagree with most of your last paragraph.  But thanks for the comments, look forward to your next.  Thank you…….


Integrity in Leadership

  1. #1 by seriously? on July 16, 2012 - 9:23 pm

    First, I would like to state, again as I have in every post related to this topic, that I absolutely agree that parents are responsible for their kid’s education and ensuring that they are getting what they need to succeed. Schools are tasked and are responsible for providing a basic curriculum that meets the requirements outlined by the state for reading, writing etc. I believe I have placed the “blame” on a number of factors.

    Second, regarding test data, I was looking at the overall results which, on average, reflect very little to no improvement. There are areas of improvement in scores; I hope the svores continue to improve further. I agree that we should move forward and continue to look for ways to help our students improve; however, ignoring the mistakes of the past is a sure way to ensure that history will rtepeat itself.

    Third, regarding meeting minutes and “my data being flawed”, I am specifically referring to minutes posted on the D-22 website, which by law are to be made public. As I stated, between July 2008 and October 2011, there were minutes for 44 board meetings posted online. If there were more meetings the minutes were not posted. I understand that minutes are meant to be an outline, however they should list all topics discussed. I concede, as I did in my original comments, that these topics may have been discussed more often, but were not in the minutes. I looked through the documemt center and didn’t see any other minutes for other Board committees. The data is posted on the website, if it is
    flawed or incomplete

  2. #2 by seriously? on July 16, 2012 - 10:01 pm

    then the process by which the info is posted should be reviewed.

    Fourth, new comer vs old timer thing. I do think it is ridiculous on both sides. I have lived in this area for over 30 years and was never treated or treated anyone as a new comer.We were welcomed into the community and we do our best to pass that on. I am very well acquainted with many families who homesteaded this area and have great respect for the community they built and the contributions they still make to the community. My reference to the Native Americans was only to show that we were all new once and it takes adjusting on both sides to fit in. I agree with you the “good ‘ol boys” get bashed quite a bit, I don’t agree with the bashing and have said so. Our local businesses do alot for our community and should be supported. I believe we all, old and new, should support our community in every way we can.

    Finally, I am not sure exactly what in my final paragraph you don’t agree with; but I havealways been fair in my comments and I always research what I can before I comment. I am well acquainted with many 3cs members, I don’t know anyone currently on the Board, I have several friends who work at D-22 but I always try to base my comments on facts. Please explain what you disagree with. I am always open to improvement. Thank you…

    Sorry about the 2 posts, my nook conks out often

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