Not the Board Responsibily; Where the School went Wrong or How to Fix it

This is a copy of comments in response to Mrs Clemons

MC——Once again you blame, blame, blame, while criticizing others for blaming.

Potluck’s response——Mrs Clemons, I reviewed the Chef’s postings and searched for the word “blame” & “blamed” and guess what: zero found.  I don’t recall having blamed anyone for the low scores.  I have, as one that seeks solutions, constructed a cause list.  I used and have for months referenced “problems, causes, solutions, and effects”.  Mrs Clemons; I did not blame anyone, not even you, surprising.  I was responding to Seriously, listing some of the causes for the low scores, as I saw them.  Using my investigator skills; I have detected a pattern in what you and some others do to others, “word distortion”.  You must have a list of “dagger words”.  I’ll call the action “word bullying”, defined as when one redirects the meaning of another by using a socially explosive word.   I say; I have an ant problem, Mrs Clemons writes, “the Chef” is an ant hater, he is anti-ant or an ant racist.   Citizens forget what was really said but people with ants might stop talking; because they don’t want to be called an ant racist. There is a growing force of individuals that strikes back by using these bully words to quiet the public or their opponents.  I say something negative about Obama, I’m racist, I don’t like Mexican food so I’m anti-Mexican, I have a few dollars so I have no place for “poor” kids.  I have and will continue to keep my responsive on an adult level but Mrs Clemons you make it so very hard.  Now back to the post——-

My point to “Seriously” was, define the problem, determine the causes, develop solutions, measure the progress, I don’t feel your board has done any of that. But as you state later “it isn’t the board’s job”.

In responding to you;

MC—-#1. Mike Miles made his priorities clear and like him or not he interacted with everyone – not just those he deemed important.
1.   In my opinion he did not interact with everyone, unless you believe, “do it my way or I will remove you”, as interacting. Ask the 45+ teachers that lost their jobs.  Not saying; that approach is wrong, that is what may be needed, it appeared to have worked for D2.  He controlled his district and the board. Mr Miles’ approach to leadership is what I will call, “team building, bottom-line I’m the leader”. He made the rules and enforced them.  Much like the military, yes he wanted everyone happy; but the bottom-line is, my way, I was selected as the leader.  Did you ever attend a board meeting at D2?   Just, where does your information come from?

MC—-#2. I’m so tired of hearing how we don’t have parent involvement, but we have 70-90% of the parents show up for parent/teacher nights, open houses and other events, per the school data.

2. Come on, attending a parent/teachers meeting isn’t anywhere close to the same as, did you read to your kids, did they read to you, did you monitor they assignments.  Just how many parent/teacher meeting were unscheduled; would be a better percentage to look at.

MC—-#3. D2 accomplished what it has DUE to the leadership! Not the parents. If parents were being held more accountable it’s BECAUSE of the superintendent changing the rules!
3.  You are somewhat correct, but it had a lot to do with the increase involvement of the parents.  Required involvement, not teachers meetings.  D2 also took up a policy that they would not spend time “dealing with” kids with issues.  Take a look at the number of kids that moved from D2 to another District, the teacher retention numbers and the graduation rate (numbers between 9th and 12th).  You can’t have it both ways, parents are responsible or not.

MC—-#4. So basically, if you don’t like the school – suck lemons – wth? how is that the answer to anything. YOU don’t even have kids in this school.
4.  Again my response was to a poster; when he stated parent had no other choice.  I believe that everyone should be involved and they all have choices,   You are again limiting me because I don’t have kids going to Ellicott.  Shame on you , limiting my freedom to join in on a cause……..  Maybe I should have more of a say, based on my tax bill. Which I believe is more than yours, MC.  So I’m investing more in the District; so maybe that is the way to determine who gets to make decisions, like stockholders.  Is there a measurement/standard for getting involved, guess there is; it is whatever you think.

MC—-#5. The curriculum n director’s position was created for the last person that held it. There are minimal to NO schools which have less than 1,000 students and a CD. And counting our preschoolers is a bit of a reach. The CD’s have not managed to change things for the better – period.
5.  Your opinion and we all have one or two.  So is there now a 1000 number for hiring a CD?  Another individual that has stood up to some, that now isn’t doing her job, again your opinion.  Mrs Clemons; have you ever applied for a position with the District?  Didn’t you vote to renew the CD?

MC—-#6. You are resorting to blaming the non-English kids – typical.

6.  Where is the word blame?  From the movie, you can’t stand the truth.  There is an issue and unless individuals like yourself, don’t stop bullying everyone;  it will remain.   Stop bullying by using the racist approach, it want work with the Chef.  If a child has a limited ability with English (whatever his/her nationality is) and the test is in English, what can we expect.  How would an English speaking child be expected to do in Mexico with a test in Spanish.  Non-English speaking kids will have a problem.  In the US we speak and require English.  Why do you label kids; poor kids.  The word “poor” defines the amount of money one has, not the person; what does your poor person look like.

MC—-#7. We have been asking what tools the students have not been getting for more than five years – welcome to the world.
7. What tools, iPods and turf?  If you have been looking for five years maybe they aren’t missing.  Any District can find something to spend money on, but a well run District looks out for the future.  But; when D22’s IT person stated he had spent the “pre approved budget”, you openly jumped on him.  He was doing what he was hired to do spend his budget to improve the District.  He just didn’t have your permission, correct?  He was replacing/upgrading some of the missing tools, wasn’t he?

MC—-#8. I personally have addressed the problem multiple times, but that info has since been recycled.
8. No idea; what the problem is.

MC—-#9. The fact is that the school CAN be all things to ALL students and even to adults in the community. The fact is that YOUR vision is very narrow and one-sided and you don’t have any education in education. Having a son that is a teacher doesn’t really count. The fact is that we can do so much more with what we have.
9  Ok, my youngest son wants a swimming program. my daughter wants dressage and my oldest a military program.  Just being funny and MC; if you believe what you write, let’s see your checkbook.  What I said is, if you want something “special, outside the standard” for your kids, you move to where it is.  You don’t just demand it.  My vision isn’t fiction it is based on the real world.  We can do just “so much”.   So let me get this right, I have no kids in school, no teachers courses (which you don’t know), what’s next.  Do you have a copy of my life/military history?  I’ll see you one degree and raise you one. OK

MC—-#10. “About the test scores, the state is wrong.” LMAO – wow. Well, now we know. The school, the CD and Fayne is superior to the State of Colorado and the CDE. Love it.
10.  I would not use the word “superior”, and I guess you believe in Government Medical Coverage. But again I believe you failed to read the words, not wrong; but needs to understand exceptions.  I don’t believe that you can create a single mold and force or punish those that does not fit in it. Even the CDE must have some issues, they change the process each year or so.  Are you blaming others, typical!  got you……..

MC—-#11. The school board is not responsible for determining where the school went wrong or how to fix it, the school board is there to put the RIGHT people in place so THEY can take their knowledge and education and apply it and find out where the school is going wrong. And that is the path we are on now. Time will tell.

11. Can’t believe Mrs Clemons, the VP of the SB states the School Board, is not responsible to find or fix the problem.  How about the other items like district policies, the budgets, costumes, tools, turf and investors.  Does this mean we want be hearing from you again since WE, hired Dr. Cullen.   Now since you don’t feel WE hired the right person and you are going to “try” not to undermine him, where does that leave you?


Finally, I owe Mrs Clemons a thank you.  A few days back a friend and I was stopped at Peyton and 94 heading north.  I looked down the road and to my surprise here came Mrs Clemons.  As she approached I said to my partner, “I’ll bet you a case of beer she want wave, he responded “you’re on”.  As she turned south on Peyton passing within feet, window to window and with my arm hanging out waving; she looked, turned away, didn’t wave.  BINGO……An elected official not responding to her citizens.  But Mrs Clemons; thanks.


Integrity in Leadership



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