Laughter is Good, Improves the Face Muscles

Response to TOTSB     21 Jun

Gosh, where is the anger and name calling coming from?  No one said anything about the Chambers taking pictures or video, did they and I missed it?  Threats by whom?  We have one person calling another names, why?  As far as the Cafe knows, no one took any pictures.  There seems to be an individual that is…………

Inappropriately dress, now come-on, now we are going out of the away to find fault.  I re-read the Cafe posting and no-where was any names included, but TOTSB picks two out.  I fail to see where the Cafe or anyone on the Cafe lied, accused, defamed, was ridiculous or acted childish.  I ask anyone to point out any of the accusations, defamatory comments that the TOTSB accuses the Cafe of.  It is important to see how one feels, so we can better understand.   Wine, good for the body, who faults anyone for consuming a good glass of red wine.

Remember tonight is the School Meeting, Budget and Superintendent.  Should be informative, dress appropriately and invite others.


Integrity in Leadership

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