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Response to TOTSB,  So easy to pick apart  , 20 Jun

Does anyone know who or what PL stands for or what the title means?

Mrs Clemons; If you are addressing me and I think you are; I don’t understand.  There is no harassment intended, I feel that because you ARE an elected person and you post your views and opinions I/we have the right to respond with our views, our questions and opinions.  I agree that your “life” is not up for grab, just your school board life and your comment about your office I don’t understand.  Has someone been sending items to your office?  If so it wasn’t the Potluck Café.  So I don’t understand your claim of harassment (behavior that threatens or torments somebody, especially persistently).  What do you see as harassment, you have my permission to cut and paste?

Reference Mr. Chambers, I guess it is a disagreement, two separate view of what was said or not said and when.  I don’t see it as an issue, just responding to questions and the fact that I was accused of lying for a person.

Mrs Clemons, there was no threat in my posting on the Potluck, just wondering if anyone had any pictures, maybe some of Dr Cullen and family.  You misunderstood there were others there.  Your negative comments concerning the Chambers, the only thing ask was did the District pay for the meal and drinks.  Answer: NO each paid for their own drinks.  There was no finger-pointing.  I was really wondering if Mr Hudson took pictures?

About videotaping and posting them, do you need release forms?  Your next to last sentence seems a little negative to me, was it meant to be.

I request we keep the blogs on subject, the actions of the District 22’s school board and putting the Kids First.  I’m only voicing the other side.



Integrity in Leadership




  1. #1 by seriously? on June 21, 2012 - 5:51 pm

    I’m curious; why do people on both “sides” continue to bring up Mr.Ebert?

    I understand there was some contention regarding his contract and whether or not to extend his employment; he’s gone, can’t we just move past it?

  2. #2 by Fayne on June 21, 2012 - 6:03 pm

    It is the process in which he was moved out. Just part of the pattern, it isn’t Mr Ebert, the person now, it is the name of the agenda and the “he goes at any cost”. They want him out before the election, they ran on the platform of getting him out, and they got him out. It was their way of getting what they want, he was standing in the way. It never was his contract it was he had a contract. When something is wrong you can move on or you can fix it, we are fixing it.


  3. #3 by seriously? on June 22, 2012 - 5:52 am

    Exactly what is being “fixed”? I understand it was a 5-0 vote to not approve Ebert’s contract as it was originally written. If, as you say, they ran on a “platform of getting him out” and were elected; then obviously voters wanted him out too.

    I did some research and saw that Ellicott’s test scores are well below the state average in many areas; with little or no improvement between 2006 and 2011. In the real world, five years of this type of job performance would result in termination.


  4. #4 by seriously? on June 22, 2012 - 6:09 am

    Frankly as an Ellicott alumn, I was saddened and embarrassed by those results. I can’t believe more people were not calling for his resignation. I graduated with a class that had one of the highest average ACT scores in the area and now Ellicott is below or barely average in reading, as well as other areas? Ellicott barely has a music program; we used to have a marching band that performed in several local parades. The drama class was recenly reinstated; we put on a melodrama every year and competed in ,ocal Forensic tournaments. At some point, someone has to be accountable for not providing our students with a well rounded and quality education. After five years of little or no improvement, that change has to come from the top.

    Thank you…..

  5. #5 by Justin Johnson on June 23, 2012 - 3:01 am

    You are right! Someone must be held accountable for the children’s poor education, but I wonder if blaming the previous “super” is just a way to pass the blame. The failure of the kids academically is the failure of the parents…NOT the super intendent. The super intendent can only do so much. If the parents don’t take time to concern themselves with their children’s school grades, then the super intendent is stuck fighting a losing battle. I certainly hated school, and, had my parents not forced me to go, I wouldn’t have gone, had my parents not forced me to learn, I would not have learned, and had my parents not demanded good grades, I would not have gotten them. I realize that sounds horrible, I certainly thought it was at the time, but looking back, I’m glad my parents were not satisfied to just allow me to squeeze by…..seriously!

  6. #6 by seriously? on June 23, 2012 - 11:16 am

    Justin, I absolutely agree with you. Education starts at home and parents should be pushing their kids to ensure that they are completing assignments, giving school their best effort, and imposing consequences when they don’t; my parents did. However, five years of little to no improvement, with many students scoring well below average, District wide, falls outside the scope of just “blame the parents”.

    Parents are not responsible for setting the curriculum. Parents are not responsible for evaluating students and ensuring that they are given the tools to advance to the next level. Parents are not evaluated, annually, by the State to ensure they are meeting the minimum requirements of a basic education. (maybe some parents should be , ha ha) These are all the responsibility of the the School. If the schools fail to meet these requirements, there are consequences. I know failing test scores are a result of many factors. All schools face the same pitfalls: student apathy, parent apathy, teacher turnover, student turnover, budget cuts and restraints; not all schools had five consecutive years of little or no improvement.

    I did not pass the blame to Mr.Ebert; I assigned him the blame ,as he was the Superintendent at the time this occurred. Unfortunately, with leadership comes the responsibilty of your organization’s failures, as well as the accolades for its accomplishments. After five years of little to no improvement in any job, the leader would be “let go”.

    I wish Mr.Ebert great success in his future; he did many good things for our Community. I just think it was time for the “buck to stop with the leader”.

    Thank you…

    edited by the Chef, keep it on point

  7. #7 by seriously? on June 23, 2012 - 3:12 pm

    Chef, Thanks for posting my comments. I appreciate your integrity in posting all views. I may have been a bit snarky in my final comment, that you felt the need to edit, as is your right; but it was on point. When someone makes a point regarding personal responsibility for their educational success, they should use spellcheck while doing it. After all, you did allow him to take a very minor dig, seriously 🙂

    Thank you….

  8. #8 by Fayne on June 23, 2012 - 5:43 pm

    Response to Seriously 2012-06-23

    I understand your point, but as one that has an issue with spelling and typing, I know it and try to improve; but don’t need it pointed out each and every time. No one is claiming to be the spelling bee winner. If you can read it and understand what is being said. THAT IS THE POINT, right?

    Integrity in Leadership

  9. #9 by seriously? on June 24, 2012 - 5:59 pm

    Chef, thanks again for the opportunity to comment.
    I commend all who take the time to comment, blog or even vent; I almost never comment on anyone’s writing, except for this one incident of my snarkiness. I know mistakes happens; my nook often blanks out in the middle of my replies. I do agree, the point is to make your “voice” heard.

    Thanks again….

  10. #10 by Fayne on June 24, 2012 - 9:20 pm

    Keep posting, it makes readers think.


  11. #11 by seriously? on June 25, 2012 - 12:04 pm

    I did get a bit sidetracked; I’m still curious as to what is being “fixed” pertaining the Board and the handling of the “Ebert situation”. If there is more to the story, I’d like to know before making a decision on the pending recall election.

    Thank you…

  12. #12 by Justin Johnson on June 26, 2012 - 2:18 pm

    You’re right about the leader taking the final responsibility….and I also laughed about how some parents should be evaluated by the state….I agree with that too 😉 But I don’t agree with your comment, “Parents are not responsible for evaluating students and ensuring that they are given the tools to advance to the next level.” I think it IS the parents’ responsibility to evaluate their own students and to ensure that their kids are equipped properly to ‘advance to the next level’. I thought that was the point of sending home “report cards” and Parent Teacher Advisories ..so the parents could see how their children are doing and if there was something that needed improved. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their children are getting a good education, and if they aren’t satisfied with the curriculum, send their kids to a school where the curriculum meets with the parents’ standards. Again, you are right in saying that the final blame falls on the Super Intendent, but I am right in saying the blame is not his alone.

    Also was the “spell check” comment directed to me? I couldn’t find anything I misspelled.

  13. #13 by Fayne on June 27, 2012 - 10:03 pm

    Response to Seriously—–Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 12:04 pm
    Tension, lack of vision, incompetent, disrespect to the community, and failure to act as an elected body; are some of my concerns. The action of the two individuals, that the Recall addresses, has made this board ineffective. If one would “openly” look back a few months and review how these individuals acted/wrote prior to the election, demonstrated in my opinion, their character or lack-of. The level of hate happened before I became involve, but was the reason I got involved. Name calling, accusing individuals of crimes, calling individual’s employers, just improper actions of individuals that wanted to be personally involved with our children’s education and lives. I want individuals that will set the proper example for our kids. The past and present actions of Mr. Hudson and Mrs Clemons is not that example.
    Concerning Mr. Ebert’s “situation”, I don’t know personally what the personal “rub” Mr. Hudson or Mrs Clemons had against him, I have heard rumors but I don’t pass on stories that I can’t confirm. But it is easy to see that there were something there, on both sides. Did I agree with everything Mr Ebert did or didn’t do, NO. Would I have acted differently on some things; yes. My issue with the actions taken was what I see as deceit on their part. The “other side” knew that the first priority these two had was “firing” the superintendent, do it before anything else, before the Kids. They first got rid of the lawyer that had represented this District for years, but “he was an Ebert supporter”. Then they took on his contract, the board voted 5 to 0 to “not to extend the current contract as written”. This lead some citizens and some board members to believe that they were just going to rewrite Mr. Ebert contract. Then the hammer fell, a letter from the new lawyers saying resign or be fired. Now I haven’t seen the letter; I have asked for it twice but have been told it is cover by Attorney / Client privilege. I just said I don’t work on rumors but have heard this from someone I trust. As a educator, being fired is a career stopper, so no option. So now they are saying, “well he resigned”, true but tell the rest of the story. Another issue I have with this board, not telling the complete story, just the part they want the citizens to know. If the letter does not state what is being said, release it. Mr. Hudson and Mrs Clemons stated while running, they would be the most open board Ellicott has had, but they have had the most executive sessions, double or tripled the district’s attorney cost, and claimed Attorney/Client on most documents requested. Not too open, is it?
    As a retired military person, integrity and honesty, which fits together, is the first thing I look for and each of the individuals being recalled, they lack both. My final example is how these individuals attacked individuals in this community, dropping little comments that leads readers to think individuals are ripping off the school district. All comments without proof. Just making negative comments about Ellicott’s citizens. Stuff like Mrs XXXXX is living off of the district, Mr XXX’s wife is making thousandths sub-teaching, everyone is hiring their family members, just making false statements or incomplete statements. Misleading the community. Just like the ownership of the HS, “someone made money on the deal”, making statements without looking into the facts. Now Mrs Clemons wants a list of the investors, why? just to keep the issue alive!

    Integrity in Leadership

  14. #14 by seriously? on June 29, 2012 - 5:16 pm

    Justin, again I agree with you that parents are responsible for reviewing report cards and progress reports, communicating with their kid’s teachers regarding their kid’s progress or lack there of and ultimately following up with teachers to ensure their kids are getting the help they need to achieve the next level. The school, however, is responsible for evaluating the kids and making sure they are getting what they need to get them to the next level. While I fully understand your point that parents should be involved, ultimately the school staff are the ones who are trained for this; they attend “Inservices” and are required to complete continuing education; and at the end of the day they are paid for this.

    I think that simply stating that if parents aren’t “satisfied with the curriculum” they should move their kids to another school; is a cop out. The school is tasked with providing the kids an education; they should do their job. There is no “other school” in this area; many parents don’t have the option to take their kids to Falcon or C.Springs. Their tax dollars go to D-22, why should they move their kids elsewhere?

    I never said that the Superintendent was solely responsible for the less than average test scores; I listed a number of factors that all schools have to deal with. I said and continue to stand by that; he is ultimately responsible for the little or no improvement.

    I think it’s great that you are an advocate for Parental responsibility, many more should be like you. Parental responsibility should have motivated more people to intervene and demand changes to the curriculum to ensure that kids were getting the tools they needed to succeed. If they had, maybe the test scores would have improved and there would not have been a need for the changes that are currently contributing to all the animosity in D-22 and the Community.

    (yes the spell check was directed at you. superintendent, in this context, is one word, sorry)

  15. #15 by seriously? on June 29, 2012 - 6:33 pm

    Thank you for responding to my question. First I would like to state that I absolutely agree that integrity, honesty, fairness and respect for others are of great importance to me. I demand that of myself and others; especially elected officials, no matter their position. I feel that making personal attacks and name calling, only demonstrates that one is unable to back up their postition with facts and probably doesn’t have much else worth listening to. That being said, I see that people on “both sides” are guilty of personal attacks, name calling, generalizing, and basically embellishing the facts to suit their needs.

    I mean no disrepect to you, but in your response to me; you stated a few several facts, but made light of the circumstances associated with them:
    – You stated: Clemons and Hudson’s first priority was to fire Ebert
    You glossed over the fact that they were elected while running on this platform; obviously voters
    wanted him out too. They were elected while making clear that was their goal.
    – You stated: Some Board members thought they were just rewriting the contract
    If the other Board members wanted to offer a new contract, why didn’t they? If it took a vote
    to discontinue to the original contract, why was there no vote to offer a new one? If there wasn’t
    one, isnt’ that illegal?

    The “other side” is guilty of the same thing, as you mentioned above:
    – Family members working for the District making thousands of dollars.
    While it is true that there are multiple members of the same Family working for D-22; it is NOT
    illegal. The “other side” is constantly implying that it is illegal and that people are becoming rich
    working for D-22. As long as people are the best qualified for the positions, hiring family members should not be an issue . We all know working for the school is never going to make you rich and to imply any illegality is just irresponsible and inflammatory.
    – The “other side” claims “someone made money on the deal”
    That is a fact, someone did make money off the deal. I have news for the “other side”;
    Lending money is a business and is done for profit. I don’t care exactly who is making money from the interest, in fact, I hope it is people from our Community. The money would then remain in our community, in the form of tax dollars, sales tax, and any money those people may have donated to the the school. To imply that community members are “illegally profitting” is again irresponsible and inflammatory.

    The above are just a few of the examples I have seen of embellishing the facts, done by both sides to make their point. I understand every “writer” puts their feelings into their comments, blogs, etc, but I think sometimes there is too much embellishing and not enough fact. I will not even address the personal attacks, name calling etc; it’s not appropriate on any level, let alone when dealing with D-22 issues. I understand there are hard feelings on both sides; I encourage all to get past the hard feelings and put District issues first. I ask that “both sides” stop making generalizations like “immoral or unethical” as these terms are relative, and please cite specific actions so that we as voters can make informed decisions. If there have been instances of illegal acts, please report them to the proper authorities; stop implying illegalities and do something about them.

    I am sorry to be so “soap boxy”, but I took your advice and read blogs, comments, letters to the Ranchland and really was overwhelmed by all the “hate” as you put it. I hope the new school year brings a new start for all of us and we can all work together to improve D-22.

    Thank you….

  16. #16 by Fayne on July 4, 2012 - 1:59 pm

    Response to Seriously 2012/06/29 at 6:33 pm

    Seriously; just wanted or had to enter into the discussion. A recent superintendent in CS (Mr Miles), who has since moved on to the biggest school district in Texas, had the following three questions that was asked whenever a parent called or visited concerning their student. The questions could be asked by teachers, principals or the superintendent: (1) last night did your child read to you for 30 minutes? yes/no, (2) did you read to your child for 30 minutes? yes/no, and lastly (3) did you supervise your child while they completed their homework? yes/no. If any answer was NO, then the conversation was over. His point was; we are just as busy as you; education starts at home-the schools finish the task. Seems a little harsh but look what D2 has done in the last few years. I’m not a Miles fan but some of his approaches have worked. He is/was just as hard on teachers; look at his teacher retention! Yes, teachers/schools are trained; but focus and priority has to be established at home. I was taught by my parents what was important in life by their involvement. It came down to “following the leader, mom and dad”. If an education is demonstrated to be important at home then it will be equally important at school.
    About the curriculum, I disagree. There are a number of folks involved; states, administrations, school boards, and district citizens. Curriculum once established is the way it is. Individuals can accept or move on. I think that this is some of the issue here; “new comers” want it their new way, but the citizens that have been here want it the established way. There are other possibilities, home school, Falcon and Calhan. There are some people that want D22 to be a trade school, some want it to be a high tech, some want it to be a college level entry school. The fact is it can’t be all things to all that want it to be their way. Seriously, you are right in your statement, “the school is tasked”, but the state defines what education is; reading, writing, math and science. What is your definition of a “state tasked education”? I believe that everyone has an answer, resulting in the problem. But if parents can’t live with the school environment then they should move and not destroy.
    About the test scores, the state is wrong. Life has taught me that very few things fit in a standard mold. There have to be exceptions. Take the third grade test. I’ll list some of the exceptions I saw: (1) only a small percentage had attended D22 in the first and second grades. (2) an increase in Spanish speaking children with English as a second language. (3) a small test base, if you have only 50 testing and 10 just enrolled and 5 have difficulty with the language and it only takes a very small number to reduce the score, what do you think will happen? It is not the curriculum, it is priorities, also you say tools. What tools have the kids not been getting? Before people jump on the change train they should know what is needed to be changed and agree. The animosity has nothing to do with education, it has everything to do with egos and self-importance. You stated you had read some of the past material, how much addressed the problem and then addressed the fix? The district school board changed and the scores still went down, because no one defined the problem and then solved it, did they? Go back and read the board minutes, find any discussion on why the Kids did poorly except the Superintendent failed. Without knowing the cause a solution is hard to define. Our kids deserve better.
    It was the process in removing the superintendent, that was wrong.

    Integrity in Leadership

  17. #17 by seriously? on July 6, 2012 - 9:43 am

    Thanks Fayne. While you prepare your response, I would like to play devil’s advocate regarding some of the points you made.

    “The actions of the two individuals the recall names has made this board ineffective”
    — The Board is five members, if the other members don’t agree with the decisions, they should vote them down. It only takes 3 votes for a majority. All members should vote their conscience, not just go along to get along. There’s nothing wrong with a 3-2 vote; that’s democracy. Why aren’t people asking why the other 3 members aren’t standing up and voting their conscience?

    “The “other side” knew the first priority these two had was to fire the superintendent, before anything else, before the kids”
    –These two, Clemons and Hudson, ran and were elected on the platform that getting rid of Ebert was best for D-22 and the kids. Clearly voters wanted him out too. Agree or disagree with wanting him out, Hudson and Clemons kept their campaign promise.
    (I must say after seeing the test results for the last 5 years a change was needed)

    “They first got rid of the lawyer that has represented this district for years, ‘he was an Ebert supporter”
    –The board wanted the Ebert contract reviewed, why would you ask the original writer of a contract to review it to ensure it represented your best interest? Ultimately the contract was found not in the best interests of D-22; the vote was 5-0 to discontinue the contract.
    My concern with the new law firm is that they are located in Boulder. Are we paying travel time? Why didn’t the Board find a local firm?

    “This led some Board members to think they were simply going to rewrite the contract”
    –When Board members found this was not the case, why didn’t they vote against it?

    “Then the hammer fell, a letter from the new lawyers, resign or be fired” “I haven’t seen the letter” “I’ve been told it’s covered by attorney/client priviledge”
    –Colo. State law does does not allow personnel issues to be made public. This letter falls within those guidelines as it was addressed to an employee.
    If the letter is thought to be illegal, the recipient could certainly make it public.
    –If the Board did not agree with this course if action, why was there not a vote?

    “Mr Hudson and MrsClemons stated while running that they would be the most open board Ellicotthas had, but they have had the most number of executive sessions, doubled or tripled attorney cost and
    Claimed attorney client priviledge on documents requested”
    –The previous Board required that Citizens submit their questions and requests to speak at Board mtgs to the Sup’t office at least 2 days prior to the meeting; this Board no longer requires that. Citizens can
    show up and speak.
    –Exec sessions are required for dealing with personnel issues and student disciplinary issues; all other issues are discussed publicly. The Board can’t stray from this. If they are, and there is proof of this, then that would be a reason to recall ALL members who allowed this.
    –Work done by D-22 lawyers, except work specifically directed to an employee or student, must be presented upon request. Personnel issues are confidential and can not be made public.

    “The “misleading comments” regarding people getting rich of the District,etc”
    –Clemons is constantly making this claim. The claim is irresponsible, it isnot illegal for the district to employ family members. If there is proof that positions are being filled by people who are not qualified for a position, present the proof and rectify the situation. Don’t just continue to whine about it, fix it.
    –Clemons wants to know made money off the High School lease, who the investors are. Why should we spend the money on legal fees to have lawyers make this request? If Mrs.Clemons feels that people illegally profitted, present that proof and then we can move forward with notifying the proper authorities


  18. #18 by seriously? on July 6, 2012 - 10:08 am

    And they can find out who the investors are. Do you know who makes money off the interest you pay on your mortgage? Unless you have proof of illegalities, there is no need to know the investors.

    Both “sides” constantly make digs at each other, why not recall all Board members?

    You only want Clemons and Hudson recalled, why not recall the other three? They could easily vote together to oppose Clemons and Hudson, 3-2, why don’t they?

    Clemons and Hudson can be rude, if we recalled all rude politicians there would be constant elections.

    The 3C’s committee needs to make their recall reasons clear. I have yet to see a clear cut plan from them about who/what D-22 needs for the future.

    I am a taxpayer,voter and Ellicott alumn; I am looking for information. I/we need more than just he said/she said. The election is 4 months away,, I hope there is a plan before then.

    Thank you…

  19. #19 by takingontheschoolboard on July 9, 2012 - 9:45 pm

    Once again you blame, blame, blame, while criticizing others for blaming.

    #1. Mike Miles made his priorities clear and like him or not he interacted with everyone – not just those he deemed important.
    #2. I’m so tired of hearing how we don’t have parent involvement, but we have 70-90% of the parents show up for parent/teacher nights, open houses and other events, per the school data.
    #3. D2 accomplished what it has DUE to the leadership! Not the parents. If parents were being held more accountable it’s BECAUSE of the superintendent changing the rules!
    #4. So basically, if you don’t like the school – suck lemons – wth? how is that the answer to anything. YOU don’t even have kids in this school.
    #5. The curriculum n director’s position was created for the last person that held it. There are minimal to NO schools which have less than 1,000 students and a CD. And counting our preschoolers is a bit of a reach. The CD’s have not managed to change things for the better – period.
    #6. You are resorting to blaming the non-English kids – typical.
    #7. We have been asking what tools the students have not been getting for more than five years – welcome to the world.
    #8. I personally have addressed the problem multiple times, but that info has since been recycled.
    #9. The fact is that the school CAN be all things to ALL students and even to adults in the community. The fact is that YOUR vision is very narrow and one-sided and you don’t have any education in education. Having a son that is a teacher doesn’t really count. The fact is that we can do so much more with what we have.
    #10. “About the test scores, the state is wrong.” LMAO – wow. Well, now we know. The school, the CD and Fayne is superior to the State of Colorado and the CDE. Love it.
    #11. The school board is not responsible for determining where the school went wrong or how to fix it, the school board is there to put the RIGHT people in place so THEY can take their knowledge and education and apply it and find out where the school is going wrong. And that is the path we are on now. Time will tell.

  20. #20 by seriously? on July 10, 2012 - 9:06 pm

    I didn’t see this post prior to my previous 2 comments, I will reply now.

    Again, I absolutely agree that a good education starts at home with parent involvement. All schools face parent and student apathy; to simply blame that for our test scores is a failure to see the big picture. The school is tasked with helping our students read, write, etc and giving them the tools to do so. To further debate whether parents should take responsiblity for their kid’s education is pointless, as we all agree that parents should do this. I am specifically discussing D-22 scores and the little to no improvement over the last 5-6 years and the school administrations responsibility for those scores.

    D-22 is not unique; all schools deal with the same issues: student and parent apathy, teacher turnover, student turnover, budget cuts. Most area schools have had large increases in non-English speaking students. Many area schools, due to the large Military population, have students that rotate in and out; many staying for less than a school year. How many of our area schools had to write lettters to Elementary school parents telling them because of the our low scores, they had the right to move their kids to other schools?

    http://www.ellicottschools.org/DocumentCenter/View/1235 (for the 2010/2011 school year)
    http://www.ellicottschools.org/DocumentCenter/View/1234 (for 2008 school year)

    Shouldn’t the Board and the Administration be held accountable for at least attempting to review the scores and fix them? Between the time the letters were wriitten, from July 2008 thru October, 2011, there were 44 Board meetings(regular and special). In the minutes of those 44 meetings, the following items were specifically mentioned:

    **CSAP Results – 1 time (Sept. 2009)
    **Reading Instructional Plan – 1 time by a Board Member
    **Partner with Secondary Rural Literacy — 1 time
    **Accreditation — 6 times
    **Academic Grants, federal or state (not including construction loans) — 5 times
    **Colorado Association of School Board Retreats, Conferences, Conventions – 16 times
    **Other Board retreats, dinners, conferences — 6 times

    Academics and test scores may have been discussed more times than what I have listed above, but they were not mentioned in the minutes. If parental responsibility is to be blamed, why not mention them in the minutes so parents know what is going on? There was mention of a committee to meet quarterly and discuss Accrediation; I found no mention of those meetings anywhere on the School’s website(document center). The past Administration and Board had 44 meetings to discuss the “problems” and failed to do so; yet you are quick to point out that New Board had no improvement since Nov. 2011. You and others gave the past Board and Ebert over 5 years to improve, yet this board has only 9 months?

    The state has defined their criteria for a minimum education and has tasked the schools with meeting those basic requirements. My definition of a state tasked education is one that meets those requirements. I am not sure which tools the kids need that they aren’t getting in order to meet that criteria, but clearly a review of the curriculum is needed. The curriculum is set by School administrators and should meet the minimum requirements for reading, writing, etc set by the State. By curriculum, I am referring to the text books, teaching methods and programs used by a school to meet the educational minimums required by the state. I am not referring to the type of school, i.e trade school, college prep, art school. If parents want a more specific program, i.e arts, trades, etc, then yes they will have to make the choice to take their kids outside D-22. Parents who want their kids to have a good, traditional education should not have to take their kids outside D-22; their tax dollars go to D-22 and their kids should too.

    I don’t know when this “newcomer” vs. “old timer” thing started, but it is ridiculous. First unless your family were Ute or Plains Indains, we were all “newcomers”. Second, all people should expect D-22 to provide kids with the tools and environment to learn; this should not be a “newcomer” vs. “old timer” issue. We all should expect kids to be able to read, write and “compute”.

    As you suggested, I read alot of material, disctrict documents, board meeting notes, online comments, etc. I have always been fair in my comments and based my opinions on fact and not on personal feelings. I try and take the time to “research” what I can before commenting as I don’t like to rush to judgment. All this research has led me to one conclusion: Both “sides”
    have to come to terms that there is something wrong with the Education in D-22 and students are suffering for it. This Ebert thing and the old vs. new is just taking the focus away from improving D-22. I really hope we can get past it and move forward in a positive direction.

    Thank you…….

  21. #21 by seriously? on July 10, 2012 - 9:22 pm

    To clarify, I was specifically listing how many times those items were brought up by Board members or the Sup’t. Thank you…

  22. #22 by Fayne on July 14, 2012 - 6:29 pm

    Submitted on 2012/07/09 at 9:45 pm
    MC——Once again you blame, blame, blame, while criticizing others for blaming.
    Potluck’s response——Mrs Clemons, I reviewed the Chef’s postings and searched for the word “blame” & “blamed” and guess what: zero found. I don’t recall having blamed anyone for the low scores. I have, as one that seeks solutions, constructed a cause list. I used and have for months referenced “problems, causes, solutions, and effects”. Mrs Clemons; I did not blame anyone, not even you, surprising. I was responding to Seriously, listing some of the causes for the low scores, as I saw them. Using my investigator skills; I have detected a pattern in what you and some others do to others, “word distortion”. You must have a list of “dagger words”. I’ll call the action “word bullying”, defined as when one redirects the meaning of another by using a socially explosive word. I say; I have an ant problem, Mrs Clemons writes, “the Chef” is a ant hater, he is anti-ant or a ant racist. Citizens forget what was really said but people with ants might stop talking; because they don’t want to be called an ant racist. There is a growing force of individuals that strikes back by using these bully words to quiet the public or their opponents. I say something negative about Obama, I’m racist, I don’t like Mexican food -I’m anti-Mexican, I have a few dollars so I have no place for “poor” kids. I have and will continue to keep my responsive on an adult level but Mrs Clemons you make it so very hard. Now back to the post——-
    My point to “Seriously” was, define the problem, determine the causes, develop solutions, measure the progress, I don’t feel your board has done any of that. But as you state later “it isn’t the board’s job”.
    In responding to you;
    MC—-#1. Mike Miles made his priorities clear and like him or not he interacted with everyone – not just those he deemed important.
    1. In my opinion he did not interact with everyone, unless you believe, “do it my way or I will remove you”, as interacting. Ask the 45+ teachers that lost their jobs. Not saying; that approach is wrong, that is what may be needed, it appeared to have worked for D2. He controlled his district and the board. Mr Miles’ approach to leadership is what I will call, “team building, bottom-line I’m the leader”. He made the rules and enforced them. Much like the military, yes he wanted everyone happy; but the bottom-line is, my way, I was selected as the leader. Did you ever attend a board meeting at D2? Just, where does your information come from?
    MC—-#2. I’m so tired of hearing how we don’t have parent involvement, but we have 70-90% of the parents show up for parent/teacher nights, open houses and other events, per the school data.

    2. Come on, attending a parent/teachers meeting isn’t anywhere close to the same as, did you read to your kids, did they read to you, did you monitor they assignments. Just how many parent/teacher meeting were unscheduled; would be a better percentage to look at.
    MC—-#3. D2 accomplished what it has DUE to the leadership! Not the parents. If parents were being held more accountable it’s BECAUSE of the superintendent changing the rules!
    3. You are somewhat correct, but it had a lot to do with the increase involvement of the parents. Required involvement, not teachers meetings. D2 also took up a policy that they would not spend time “dealing with” kids with issues. Take a look at the number of kids that moved from D2 to another District, the teacher retention numbers and the graduation rate (numbers between 9th and 12th). You can’t have it both ways, parents are responsible or not.
    MC—-#4. So basically, if you don’t like the school – suck lemons – wth? how is that the answer to anything. YOU don’t even have kids in this school.
    4. Again my response was to a poster; when he stated parent had no other choice. I believe that everyone should be involved and they all have choices, You are again limiting me because I don’t have kids going to Ellicott. Shame on you , limiting my freedom to join in on a cause…….. Maybe I should have more of a say, based on my tax bill. Which I believe is more than yours, MC. So I’m investing more in the District; so maybe that is the way to determine who gets to make decisions, like stockholders. Is there a measurement/standard for getting involved, guess there is; it is whatever you think.
    MC—-#5. The curriculum n director’s position was created for the last person that held it. There are minimal to NO schools which have less than 1,000 students and a CD. And counting our preschoolers is a bit of a reach. The CD’s have not managed to change things for the better – period.
    5. Your opinion and we all have one or two. So is there now a 1000 number for hiring a CD? Another individual that has stood up to some, that now isn’t doing her job, again your opinion. Mrs Clemons; have you ever applied for a position with the District? Didn’t you vote to renew the CD?
    MC—-#6. You are resorting to blaming the non-English kids – typical.
    6. Where is the word blame? From the movie, you can’t stand the truth. There is an issue and unless individuals like yourself, don’t stop bullying everyone; it will remain. Stop bullying by using the racist approach, it want work with the Chef. If a child has a limited ability with English (whatever his/her nationality is) and the test is in English, what can we expect. How would a English speaking child be expected to do in Mexico with a test in Spanish. Non-English speaking kids will have a problem. In the US we speak and require English. Why do you label kids; poor kids. The word “poor” defines the amount of money one has, not the person; what does your poor person look like.
    MC—-#7. We have been asking what tools the students have not been getting for more than five years – welcome to the world.
    7. What tools, IPods and turf? If you have been looking for five years maybe they aren’t missing. Any District can find something to spend money on, but a well run District looks out for the future. But; when D22’s IT person stated he had spent the “preapproved budget”, you openly jumped on him. He was doing what he was hired to do spend his budget to improve the District. He just didn’t have your permission, correct? He was replacing/upgrading some of the missing tools, wasn’t he?
    MC—-#8. I personally have addressed the problem multiple times, but that info has since been recycled.
    8. No idea; what the problem is.
    MC—-#9. The fact is that the school CAN be all things to ALL students and even to adults in the community. The fact is that YOUR vision is very narrow and one-sided and you don’t have any education in education. Having a son that is a teacher doesn’t really count. The fact is that we can do so much more with what we have.
    9 Ok, my youngest son wants a swimming program. my daughter wants dressage and my oldest a military program. Just being funny and MC; if you believe what you write, let’s see your checkbook. What I said is, if you want something “special, outside the standard” for your kids, you move to where it is. You don’t just demand it. My vision isn’t fiction it is based on the real world. We can do just “so much”. So let me get this right, I have no kids in school, no teachers courses (which you don’t know), what’s next. Do you have a copy of my life/military history? I’ll see you one degree and raise you one. OK
    MC—-#10. “About the test scores, the state is wrong.” LMAO – wow. Well, now we know. The school, the CD and Fayne is superior to the State of Colorado and the CDE. Love it.
    10. I would not use the word “superior”, and I guess you believe in Government Medical Coverage. But again I believe you failed to read the words, not wrong; but needs to understand exceptions. I don’t believe that you can create a single mold and force or punish those that does not fit in it. Even the CDE must have some issues, they change the process each year or so. Are you blaming others, typical! got you……..
    MC—-#11. The school board is not responsible for determining where the school went wrong or how to fix it, the school board is there to put the RIGHT people in place so THEY can take their knowledge and education and apply it and find out where the school is going wrong. And that is the path we are on now. Time will tell.
    11. Can’t believe Mrs Clemons, the VP of the SB states the School Board, is not responsible to find or fix the problem. How about the other items like district policies, the budgets, costumes, tools, turf and investors. Does this mean we want be hearing from you again since WE, hired Dr. Cullen. Now since you don’t feel WE hired the right person and you are going to “try” not to undermine him, where does that leave you?

    Finally, I owe Mrs Clemons a thank you. A few days back a friend and I was stopped at Peyton and 94 heading north. I looked down the road and to my surprise here came Mrs Clemons. As she approached I said to my partner, “I’ll bet you a case of beer she want wave, he responded “you’re on”. As she turned south on Peyton passing within feet, window to window and with my arm hanging out waving; she looked, turned away, didn’t wave. BINGO……An elected official not responding to her citizens. But Mrs Clemons; thanks.

    Integrity in Leadership

  23. #23 by Justin on July 15, 2012 - 11:01 pm

    I agree with your last response to me. I suppose it is a cop-out to say “they can just move their kids”, ESPECIALLY since we do pay taxes here and shouldn’t have to resort to moving our kids just to get a “better” education. Also thanks for the info, I now know how to spell Superintendent 😉

    Fayne, I think you took unfair advantage of your friend, hope he bought you some good stuff! Next time, maybe bet him a car or something.

  24. #24 by Fayne on July 16, 2012 - 7:14 am

    He did Coor Lt, that all he drinks and he consumed at least half. Not a real beer guy.


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