Undermining, I’ll do my best…………. WHOA

Just received notification that Mrs Clemons posted a number of comments last night, don’t understand some of the comments she made, might have been a late night.

Looking back we see that at first Mrs Clemons was going to vote no on the selection of Dr. Cullen because Mr. Chambers got to vote and she disagreed with the direction the board was taking.  Now in the last post she states; it is because of the contract.  So which is it, or is it IDGMW?

She asked; why the Special Meeting?  We have asked that many times.  Could it be that (rumor) the President wanted to be there to vote, just in case someone changed their mind.  But I agree, five minutes, is it a case of wearing folks out?

Now about collaboration on the contract, wasn’t there work on a contract with the lawyers a few months ago?  When Mr. Ebert’s contract was decided to be so poorly written.  Also wasn’t it determined to use a standard contract provided by the CDE?  I fear that alliances are beginning to have issues, so what we now have is three teams and maybe a fourth, instead of a single team effort for the kids of Ellicott.  Kinda like, islands of ego.  Yes, the definition of a team is two or more.  Now Mrs Clemons seems to be concerned about the unprofessional conduct on the District 22’s School Board.  Could it be that the way a few of the board treated Mr. Ebert is coming back around, being ignored.

I and many others stated our concern with the hurry-up approach the board was taking, now Mrs Clemons is voicing her concerns about the way things are being done.  WELL

Three are two hundred, as TOTSB stated we have three outstanding candidates, so why did we need 197 more.  There is an old saying that good-o-boys use, “you get what you pay for”; does it apply to Superintendent too?   Just had a thought, one of the board members didn’t like the choice of the individual, then didn’t like the contract, now what.

Yes, she is consistent, but shouldn’t we have a team of folks that can negotiate.  I don’t really believe it is the desire to change others as much as it is to compromise.  She claims to be fair, I would question that word.

Now she jumps to saying that the input from the community committee hired the Superintendent, wasn’t it meant to assist in the hiring?  But somebody has to be blamed, right?  I really don’t understand her accusing someone AGAIN of applying “pressure”.

There wasn’t much concern about money when we bought off Mr. Ebert or to hire elective teachers.  I guess money becomes an issue only when we lose the decision.

Pay freeze, is this the correct term?  Wasn’t it a freeze on step increases?  Didn’t everyone get a base pay percentage increase?  Why all of a sudden is Mrs Clemons addressing spending money, she has ALWAYS been the one that openly stated, “We have way to much reserve that should be spent on our Kids.”  Whoa, isn’t this strange.  What’s even stranger; is now the custodial issue comes back, whoa again.

Now about Cody being first in line, this is from Mr. Chambers, he gave the board one week notice not the night before.  He serves on another board that he feels he has severely neglected.  He had a rodeo planner call, who need an executive board member, the scheduled one could not attend. To have a rodeo you have to designate a board representative, this rodeo had over 100 kids entered and the folks that put on the rodeo had a daughter qualify at the last-minute for CNFR (College National Finals Rodeo). They would have had to miss their daughter competing had he not stepped up to oversee the rodeo.  Mr. Chambers; officially announced to each candidate that he would not be there on Saturday; but did ask a series of questions to each candidate at the Friday night dinner. He spoke with Ernest about the three and he was confident in his decision that night.

The sweet deal was approved by 4 of the five board members, no one else was in the room and no one else voted.  We will have to wait to see just how much Dr. Cullen was offered to see what a sweet deal is to Mrs Clemons.  Again you get what you pay for.  Lets’ look around to see what like districts are paying, OK.  But I for one feel that selecting a qualified individual but losing him over a few dollars is irresponsible.
Mrs Clemons says she will let it be, has she let anything “BE”, custodians,  pay “freezes, tax rate and percentage of reserve………..
I have to quote her now, this is really revealing, “I will do my best not to undermine his work,”  how is this for doing the best for the Kids.  I would resign if I had to do my “best”, not to undermine the new superintendent.  Whoa, Whoa….. (again the preceding words were quoted from TOTSB.)

Ignored, is that another word for being shelved.  There are five members, it takes only three to make a decision, like in the Past when Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Chambers were ignored.  It must be coming around.

Can’t comment on the references to the Mr. Hobbs and Mr. Nee conversation, I was not there.  But it could not have lasted long since she stated the special meeting only lasted 5 minutes.  Lets’ ask Mr. Hobbs if he felt disrespected, Thursday night, OK.

Is where the citizens of this community sits, the peanut gallery? I’m concerned that the citizens just got shelled……..

I want to thank TOTSB  for again highlighting the unprofessionalism of the board’s president.  I also hear the VP will be acting as president; which should not be difficult.

Can’t the board change the rules if more vote too than vote no.  Guess that is an issue, changing the rules…….or at least Mrs Clemons has an issue

Again it isn’t Mr Cullen, it is Dr Cullen, see just a little zig, here and there.  I understand he will be more than “happy” to live in our district, he is “excited”.

In closing:

Undermine, isn’t that a negative word? Yes I guess it is, ” to weaken, discredit, or destroy somebody or something by covert and malicious action”.

Then the TOTSB’s posting closes with a welcome to the district to the Cullen family.  Did I miss something?

On a somewhat different subject; there are some recall signs that have blown over, help us set them back up, OK.  The 3Cs met Tue and discussed a number of topics centering around Dr Cullen’s arrival.  The community needs to welcome him and his family; with open arms not half-assed.  Maybe a parade, bands and floats.  A good-o-boy welcome is needed.

A new mission: One of my favorite restaurant is the Olive Garden, where the board members dined with the candidates, maybe an interview with the staff is in order, understand that some had a REAL good time on that Friday night.  Guess the Ellicott Potluck Café could request copies of any pictures that were taken, Whoa there.


Integrity in Leadership

this hasn’t been proofed, my dog was busy with dog stuff.  You understand don’t you????????

  1. #1 by seriously? on June 20, 2012 - 11:32 pm

    I really hate to comment about this again; but I feel compelled to comment further on Mr.Chamber’s lack of total participation in the Super. interviews. In my original comments I did not mention when Mr.Chambers notified the other Board members that he was unable to attend the interviews; I didn’t feel it was relevant. I stand by my original comments; notice or not, he failed to represent the community during this “critical time in our District’s future”. He made a commitment to this community and the hundreds of kids in our District. If a Superintendant could be decided by asking a few questions between the salad and the breadsticks, why even have interviews at all? Why were people asked to give up their time in order to help decide our District’s future?

    I am not picking on Mr.Chambers; unfortunately, when discussing this topic with other Community members, I was given several examples of other Board members not attending events, leaving early, etc. I find this unacceptable.

    The Board members all volunteered to run and were elected to represent the Commmunity; this is a big committment, one that often requires sacrificing other committments. I understand circumstances change and demands on people also change; we just have to roll with the punches. If one of those changes is the realization that you don’t have time to commit 100%, then I hope that Board members consider what is in their best interest,as well as the best interests of the Community and School District.

    Thank you……

  2. #2 by Fayne on June 21, 2012 - 6:44 am

    Thanks for the comments


  3. #3 by Justin Johnson on June 23, 2012 - 2:39 am

    I have to say, I can’t understand why people would be so upset with Mr. Chambers for not showing up to the meeting. I voted for Cody Chambers because I believe he is a person who is honest, trustworthy, dependable, and has good judgment. That is why I am NOT upset with him missing the meeting. I believe he did as much research as he needed to do to convince him who to vote for. When a person knows what he’ll accept and what he won’t, it makes a decision quite easy. Also, in my opinion, Mr. Chambers was putting kids first….not only his own kids, but also the kids of the NLBRA where Mr. Chambers plays a large role. Last I checked, this whole deal was about “Kids First”, and Mr. Chambers was doing just that….truly putting the kids first.

  4. #4 by Fayne on June 23, 2012 - 7:16 am

    Response to Justin 2112-06-23

    I fully agree. The past board meeting two of the members could not make it. Both very good reasons, and the action continued. We elected five individuals to put the Kids first, not to stop their lifes. Things do happen and we make choices. On the other matter, there are a lot of fingers in this pie. From the kids to the State. Changing the top only changes the top, if we don’t address every level to include kids, parents, teachers, test and the continue changing of the program, we will continue to chase that rabbit. The Board has missed on this one, in my opinion.
    Intgrity in Leadership

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