BANNED from a Blog for telling the TRUTH, Really the CHEF?


I was just informed by XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX that I have been BANNED, the Chef, and Knight of truth and the CEO of Integrity in Leadership, from her Blog, Taking on the School Board.  Can one imagine; the Chef.  Guess she is getting a little touchy…….  If I have caused that, I’m sorry.

TOTSB believes that I’m illegally using her words, but that is her right.  But I also feel I have the right to respond to post that address Fayne, FM, the Chef, the not so smart old man or the 3Cs.  I will continue to give XXX credit, like a footnote.  So I will say line??, when I respond.  So life goes on.

Here are the recent emails from her.  I thank her for giving me the heads-up

“I hope you do leave it up. According to the lawyer I’ve already called, the longer you leave it up, the worse the damages can be. I gave you a courtesy warning and I’m creating a paper trail to prove that I’ve done my part to get you to be legal. Good luck.




What is copyright infringement?
As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner. [emphasis added by me]

My next call is to a lawyer. Do not use my words on your blog again. Period.



So as of the last email her words have been removed………  Now back to the issue.

Reserve or Active?  A major question:

XXX believes I was in the Reserves, even after I have told her a number of times, she just doesn’t believe me.  It really doesn’t matter; but she asked.  So here is proof that her assumption is a falsehood.  First, let me say that the last 4 years of my 30 yr AF career was spent assigned to Headquarters Air Force Reserve, Robins Air Force Base as the Division Chief, Aerial Port Operations.  During those 4 years I meet thousands of Citizen Soldiers and have nothing but pure respect for them; as a civilian and Airman.  I was one of about 20 Active Duty Airman assigned to the Headquarters.  The site she leads you to, is me, Division Chief.  But to settle the issue, follow this hyperlink.

You will see it says Air Force, not Air Force Reserve.  Also it list Air Force Personnel Center at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. Where active duty records are keep, not Denver where Reserve records are keep.

To my citizen soldiers, I salute you and the service you perform.

To complete my military history, I was enlisted in the Army, also a Warrant, then joined the AF.   XXXXXXXXXX, everything but a woman, on your list.  Agree, yours view will be different but please don’t lump all in your little group of bad apples.  You reference one, I can reference 1000s, that would not be a part of “this group”.  Again you are wrong in your view of the officer corp.  I can show you references to assaults in every profession, you are “really” wrong to pick out the Military or its officers.


Integrity in Leadership

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