The Last Straw, Ellicott might have been betrayed tonight!!!!!!!

Let me first say that  I hope this is a rumor and if it turns out to be, I will say I started it and will apology.  Tonight at the School Board Working Meeting I was told by a reliable person that the Board’s Law firm had contacted OUR Superintendent, Mr Ebert with a new contract.  My understand is the offer was less in dollars and had a statement that said “at the end of this contract he would not seek any employment in this District ever again.  Mr Ebert counter this contract offer and My understanding is that the Law Firm contracted him stating, “resign or be fired today/tonight (4/5).  He has to make a decision within hours.  Folks if this is true or even close, the citizens of Ellicott has lost any control of our Schools.  Now I questioned (tonight) three members, Mrs Twiss, Mr Hobbs and Mr Chambers and they stated that they had no knowledge of this action until just before tonight’s meeting.  One even said, “that not what I agreed to”.  If these three are speaking the truth, and I have no doubt they are, then who gave the Law Firm the authority to make the above statement.  It only leaves Mr Hudson and Mrs Clemons, these two do not have the authority without at least one other voting with them.  When was the vote taken?  When was the public discussion?  Again three board members appeared not to have any knowledge of the actions of the Lawyers.  If this is the truth, not a rumor, we must take the next step.  We must be at the next Board meeting in force.

Side note: Mr Hudson was not at the meeting, and Mrs Clemons blogged that she was being setup, and she was concerned about being “ambushed”.  Could Mr Hudson been concerned/afraid of our actions, if this had gotten out, even Mrs Clemons had her husband there, they knew.


Integrity in Leadership

“More disappointed than before”



Response to Mrs Clemons (who is relaxing and I believe deserving):

If you consider the comments I made to you was being raked over the coals, you have led a sheltered life.  Did the Student??? rake me over the coals or just manure?  Again you start writing by addressing the little things and omitting the biggest issues, rudeness, Che and disrespect.

Do you consider the issue of Mr Ebert’s contract or the school without a superintendent, who by the way seems to be respected throughout the state and our rural area, random nonsense? If it is nonsense, renew his contract and you will have proven me wrong. Wouldn’t that be great, me being wrong. Mrs Clemons if you want to prove me wrong twice all you have to is say that the rumor concerning Mr Ebert’s contract is false. And I will quickly say I’m sorry and wrong. Is your job random nonsense, to you and your family?  Folks, I hate rumors but I guess some are important enough to pass on. I also thought you handle the meeting well, imo and imbtoo.  And gn.

Fayne (also relaxing)

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